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Soulful Portugal!

2024  Preliminary Itinerary

To be confirmed spring of 2024 and subject to change

DAY 1: Thursday, June 20 (Arrival Day)

All participants will arrive and check in at Hotel (4 stars) in LISBON at various times with either a private transfer arranged by the program, via taxi from the LISBON airport (LIS). Transportation to the hotel is not included, but, the program will coordinate and combine participants who are arriving at the same time. LISBON airport is only 20 minutes from our hotel in LISBON.

7:00 PM ORIENTATION: staff & participants at hotel

7:30 PM WELCOME DINNER at hotel (included)


DAY 2: Friday, June 21

AM Breakfast at hotel

9:30 AM REHEARSAL I: Warm Up, Orientation & Rep Run-through with Paulo and David (air-conditioned space at the hotel)

12:30 PM Lunch Break


DAY 3: Saturday, June 22

AM Breakfast

Day 4: Sunday, June 23

DAY 5: Monday, June 24

DAY 6: Tuesday, June 25


DAY 7: Wednesday, June 26

DAY 8: Thursday, June 27

Day 9: Friday, June 28

Day 10: Saturday, June 29

Day 11: Sunday, June 30


Day 12: Monday, July 1

AM Breakfast

Check out of hotel

Transfer to LISBON AIRPORT, TRAIN STATION or your next destination. Transfer not included, but, staff will arrange and coordinate for those who would like it.

Obrigado e até logo!
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