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1. To begin the application process download here the Pricing & Application Instructions (a 20 page pdf document also downloadable from the Pricing page of this website) by filling out the form below. Click the red "SUBMIT" button, then click "Click Here to Download". If you have issues downloading the document please email serenadeschoraltravel@gmail.com and request to have the document emailed to you.
2. Read the Pricing & Application Instructions document carefully and thoroughly, and follow all the directions
3. If you have already done everything above and are ready to apply, please pay the $50 application fee by clicking on the yellow and red "Buy Now" below. Please be advised that paying the fee alone without sending the filled out application is considered an incomplete application.
4. Download and print the last 3 pages of the Pricing & Application Instructions pdf document, a.k.a., the Application Form. Fill it out, sign it, and either mail it to the indicated address or scan and email to serenadeschoraltravel@gmail.com. You will then be contacted to set up a vocal assessment either online, in person, or recording.
4. Further details about this process in the Pricing & Application Instructions pdf document.
5. Don't forget to fill out the form below, click the red "SUBMIT" button, then click "Click Here to Download". If you have any issues just email serenadeschoraltravel@gmail.com and request the document to be emailed to you directly.
Thank you for your interest in SERENADES Choral Travel
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