Travel Companions are full-fledged program participants who do not sing in rehearsals or concerts, obviously, and, therefore pay a lower participant fee. They participate in all of our non-artistic activities, that is, our cultural events, tastings, walking tours, special meals, etc. They join our program to support a friend, a relative, a spouse, or a travel buddy who is a choral singer.  Some enjoy watching our choral rehearsals, some prefer to explore on their own or with other non-singing participants, or be part of an organized activity with Karen La Rosa, our program's Sicily Cultural Coordinator, and her assistant, Rosanne Zoccoli.  The program has a minimal age of 18 and is, therefore, not designed for teenagers or children. Most program participants lie within the 50 to 70 age bracket, are fun, curious, positive, educated and cultured people, with some international travel experience, who are able to endure the moderate level of physical demands of the Sicilian terrain. All travel companions attend concerts in support of the program. Travel companions do not need to apply or pay the application fee to join the program. They sign up by filling out an online form sent to them via email once their singer companion has already applied and been officially accepted into the program's ensemble of participants during the winter of 2022.