Application Information, fee payment, online form, & Directions:

  • Please read carefully and thoroughly the ABOUT section of the website before applying as there are a lot of changes in our program for summer 2022, especially if you are a program alumnus.

  • March 1, 2022, update: an ensemble of singing participants has been formed at this time. We are now only accepting applications for a low alto, a tenor, and a low bass. All other voice types waiting list only. 

Non-singing Travel Companions:  Travel companions do not need to apply or pay the application fee. Only after their singing companion has gone through the application process and has been officially accepted into the ensemble will the travel companion be asked to fill out an online participant information form, along with their traveling singer. 

All Singers:  Please read carefully and follow directions thoroughly. Singer couples must apply separately. It is also advised that each applicant read directions in its entirety before going through each step. If you have any questions please contact us at 


Step 1:  Download and print (or upload to your tablet) the pdf document by clicking the red button below. Learn the indicated 9 measure section of your voice part from the Josquin “Gaude Virgo, Mater Christi”. The goal is to sing the section as close as possible to the metronome marking of half note = 64Please use regular church Latin for the diction. Breathe wherever feels right, but, be sure to follow what is written in the score and maintain a steady beat and steady pitch. It is advisable to listen to several different recordings on YouTube in your preparation, if needed.

Step 2: Please pay the non-refundable $60 application fee. This includes: 


  • all first time applicants

  • all who have received a 2020 cancelled program refund

  • all alumni who did not apply for 2020


There are two options for payment of the non-refundable $60 Application fee: 

  1. Zelle at (267) 259-0575

  2. Online with credit or debit card via PayPal by clicking the blue button below: 

We no longer accept check payments for the application fee, only for the program fee. After making your application fee payment proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: All singers must submit a video recording OR sign up for a live hearing on Zoom. Decide which option is best for you then indicate it when filling out the online application form at the purple button at the bottom of this page. If you choose to make a video you may fill out the online form below and then email the video file later OR record your video first then upload it when you fill out the form. 


Option 1: Submit a VIDEO RECORDING either by uploading it at the end of the online application form below, OR uploading the video on YouTube and emailing a link to, OR emailing the file (any standard video file is Ok) to Please follow the video recording directions:


  • Begin the video by stating your name, your voice part, and that you are applying for the 2022 Serenades Choral Travel program. 

  • Vocalize in your middle, low, and high range, on 3 different vowels of your choosing, and with contrasting dynamics. Choose any vocalises you feel comfortable with. Vocalises may be accompanied if needed. 

  • Sing the indicated 9 measure section of your voice part of the Josquin “Gaude Virgo, Mater Christi”. The Josquin must be sung without accompaniment If needed, give yourself a starting pitch and then sing as close to metronome marking half note = 64 as possible. Please use regular church Latin for the diction. Breathe wherever feels right, but, maintain a steady beat and steady pitch. 


Option 2: Live HEARING ON ZOOM (to be scheduled after receipt of application fee and filled out online application form):


  • You will be asked to vocalize in your middle, low and high range, on three different vowels of your choosing, using different dynamics. 

  • You will be given your starting pitch and be asked to sing WITHOUT ACCOMPANIMENT the 9 measure section of the Josquin “Gaude Virgo, Mater Christi”, as indicated in the score, as close as possible to metronome marking of half note = 64. Please use regular church Latin for the diction. Breathe wherever feels right, but, maintain a steady beat and pitch.

Once you have made your decision on which hearing option you prefer proceed to Step 4.



Step 4: Click the purple button below to fill out the online singer application form. Remember to click "submit" at the very end. You will be contacted via email once we receive your information. If you have any issues please email us at We look forward to receiving your application and we thank you for considering our unique and life transforming choral and cultural program.

Paulo Faustini

Founder & Artistic Director

Serenades Choral Travel