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JAN. 4, 2023 update: An ensemble of program participants has been formed at this time. If you'd like to be added to our waiting list please follow the instructions below to apply.

Application Directions:

All Singers:  Please read carefully and follow the directions in the exact order below.


Singer couples must apply separately. It is also advised that each applicant read directions in its entirety before going through each step. If you have any questions please contact us at 


Non-singing Travel Companions:  Travel companions do not need to apply or pay the application fee. Only after their singing companion has gone through the application process and has been officially accepted into the ensemble will the travel companion be asked to fill out an online participant information form. Visit our Travel Companion page for more information.

Application Fee Payment:

Step 1: ALL SINGERS: Please pay the non-refundable $60 application fee.


There are two options for payment of the non-refundable $60 Application fee: 

  1. Zelle at (267) 259-0575

  2. Online with credit or debit card via PayPal by clicking the blue button below: 

We no longer accept check payments for the application fee, only for the program fee. After making your application fee payment proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Click the purple button down below to fill out the online singer application form. Remember to click "submit" at the very end. You will be contacted via email once we receive your application fee and filled out online form. All first time program participants and all alumni who did NOT submit a recording or did NOT have a live Zoom interview for summer 2022 will be contacted to schedule a Zoom interview. Alumni who did submit a recording or had a Zoom interview for summer 2022 are released from this season's Zoom interview.

The Zoom interview: Please be in a quiet room without any disturbance, interruptions, cell phones or email notifications, loud pets, etc. Please MUTE everything on your computer, PHONE, iPad, etc. I will vocalize you in the middle, low, and upper registers on different vowels so I can assess your voice. I will ask you to vocalize a cappella (no accompaniment) and to modulate by half step up and down. The session should last about 10 minutes. There is no sight-singing as you will learn your repertoire thoroughly months in advance before we arrive in Puglia.


If you have any questions please email me at 

I look forward to receiving your application and I thank you for considering our unique and life transforming choral and cultural program Puglia, Italy.

Paulo Faustini

Founder & Artistic Director

Online Application Form to be filled out only after payment of the application fee:

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