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“What could be better for a choral singer than to sing, explore, dine, and socialize with other talented choral singers from all over the USA and other countries in a beautiful and well organized European tour?  It was a wonderful musical, cultural, social and culinary experience on so many levels.  Bravo to Serenades CHORAL TRAVEL!"

Sheila, New York, NY

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“Being an amateur singer, initially I was concerned about learning the music, however the amazing rehearsal materials and resources were so complete it allowed me arrive in Italy well prepared. Serenades 

CHORAL TRAVEL created such a special and memorable experience I hope to be able to attend again in the future.”

Todd, Sun Prairie, WI

“When I stop and think what speaks to and fills my soul, I immediately think of Serenades CHORAL TRAVEL. As a second timer it called to me for years to go back and re-experience this wonderful adventure! The connections made, the joy experienced, the opportunity to make beautiful music, the beauty, the culture, and the cuisine are unmatched! So thankful and blessed to have this experience and so thankful to Serenades CHORAL TRAVEL for the love and care invested to create such a wonderful program!”

Jen, Southbury, CT

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As a child, I sang as a boy chorister in a leading Cathedral choir. Since then, however, life intervened and, though I always fed my passion for choral singing, it was at a level that didn't make too many demands. My  Serenades CHORAL TRAVEL experience was life-changing. I challenged myself to attempt the beautiful music they had selected, and had such fun doing it. Best of all was the supportive environment. No divas or competitors here. The people Serenades 

CHORAL TRAVEL selects for its

Friendship & Connections

programmes are the kindest, most generous - not to mention fun-loving  group I have ever had the privilege of singing with. For anyone looking for a complete choral experience, I heartily recommend Serenades CHORAL TRAVEL.

Paul, British Columbia, Canada

"The Serenades CHORAL TRAVEL program was a unique opportunity to gather and make music with people from all over. We made some wonderful new friends, enjoyed wine and conversation, and had rewarding musical experiences in a beautiful environment. I'll carry these experiences with me for a long time!

Matt, Philadelphia, PA

Italy, music, wine, chocolate, wonderful people! My heart is full with


Ann, Lexington, MA

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"There is a miraculous place on earth where life changes for the better. It lies in the heart of Serenades CHORAL TRAVEL I arrived with a tired, world weary spirit, but left renewed. The extraordinary care, the music, the food and the marvelous travel companions left me feeling forever young and joyous. I recommend it to all. Go! Let  Serenades CHORAL TRAVEL 

rejuvenate you, too!!"

Shirley, New Windsor, NY

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